The Secchia Rapita Trophy, a story that has lasted since 1325


In November 1325, in the area of Zappolino (BO), among the mists of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines,


The Guelph (Bolognesi) and The Ghibellines (Modena) fought a battle without equal, which culminated with the pursuit of Modena forces on Bologna army to the gates the city, where, near Porta Saffi, the Ghibellines captured from their rivals, as a sign of surrender and war trophy, the “Vil bucket” from a well as sung by A.Tassoni. The legend passed down for centuries and the rivalry between the two cities continues, this Story fired the enthusiasm for the many skirmishes between their universities during the sixties.


A story came to the spring of 2006, when two local classic car clubs, Modena Historica and Bologna Autostoriche, decided to turn the challenge into an event of fun and solidarity. In short, a different contest, however, it has its roots in the history and is a reminder of contemporary art.


No more horses, riders sabres and halberds for beating or thrashing of the people, but beautiful vintage cars, road book, stopwatch, beautiful landscapes, villages, museums, food and wine. These are the ingredients of an unusual event for classic cars, that grew over the years to acquire national importance.


A cartoon video that makes good the Medieval history of the Secchia on youtube, or La Secchia Rapita in music, always on youtube.

Coming to the present day some movies of the last Edition 2013:
Edition 2013 movie 1

Edition 2013 final arrival

Edition 2013 Piazza Grande in Modena 1

Edition 2013 Piazza Grande in Modena 2

Edition 2013 filmato 2