secchia schizzo


Bologna, April 2 and 3, 2016


7° edition of Guelph vs Ghibellines, United in Solidarity !

Why name an event for historic cars ” Secchia Rapita Trophy ®”? A name chosen because it is evocative of Italy, with deep roots in Italian culture, Ancient history, Knowledge and gastronomy. Made in Italy a once revered phase is revived in the passion of this event carrying the flag high and remembering the outstanding contributions Italy has made in the world of motoring, Motorsport, Technology, Human rights and the international sporting arena.


Many comparisons may be drawn between the past and the present and we hope the future. This event goes beyond a static exhibition into a dynamic opportunity, allowing participants the experience of both the pleasures of tourism and the thrill of competition.


Deep in the medieval history of Italy , for centuries divided between Guelph and Ghibellines, in constant battles for the slightest cause has evolved into the relaxed culture of the Italian people today. Inspired by the poem “La Secchia Rapita” by A.Tassoni, wrote in key epic – heroic – comic, in  the wake of the more literary works by Torquato Tasso … this was virtually the first example of satire , an editorial ahead of it’s times!


What is the challenge of the “Secchia Rapita”, it tells a story, one that dates back to 1325, when between Modena and Bologna fierce and bloody battles  were  fought over issues of feudal rights and borders. A story and tradition revived in the 1960’s by the university students of Modena and Bologna(historic cradle World University founded in 1100) in a light hearted way.


The Challenge- Between Modena and Bologna, always joined by the street ‘ Via Emilia’, and always patriotic to either the legendary Ferrari or Maserati by birth. Dominant  in the central Maggiore Square in Bologna stands Neptune’s statue. Whose Trident was  to become the Symbol of Maserati. Local products of typical Pasta “Tortellini” and red sparkling  wine “Lambrusco”, “rivals” of geography, but great “friends” on the tables all over Italy! Two cities of contrasting charm and beauty but both loyal to the heritage of the region Emilia Romagna!

Today the Challenge is contested by drivers of vintage cars as a tribute to past history. The weapons no longer the Muskets or halberds , but Stopwatches and a healthy passion for the skills required to be the custodians and drivers of such beautiful vehicles. United by the noble aim of charity.  A non profit making event with all proceeds donated to deserving causes in the local area.


We look forward to seeing you on 2 and 3 April 2016, where all, divided between ” Guelph ” and “Ghibellines”, will be United by a common passion for historic cars and Solidarity.


The event is a valid round for the challenge “Towers & Engines 2016” (Torri & Motori), with its 80 detection tests of timing control to the hundredth of a second, requires all participants to choose at registration which “Army” to support, between Guelph of Bologna and Ghibellines of Modena beyond their own Country, City, Register, Club membership. Based on the results of each individual crew obtained in two days, the best 10 teams of the two sides will compete in a single trial; the sum of the penalties of “Lieutenants” of each team will determine the final score.


The trophy, which consists of an old “bucket” of wood similar to the original, with the engravings of the winners of the previous editions, will be presented to the winners –either the Guelph of Bologna or Ghibellines of Modena to be retained until the next competition.


Thanks to the efforts of the organizers, Bologna Historic Car Club, in collaboration with Scuderia Modena Historica, the Institute Sandro Pertini of Zola Predosa, the Consortium of Road of Wine and Dine, is designed a whole new path for this edition, again on two stages, registered on national calendar ASI and international FIVA.


Starting from the home of the  challengers the Guelphs (the last edition was won by the Ghibellines of Modena) from  the centre of Bologna with first registrations on  Friday, April 1 from 18.00 to 23.00.
The route winds through the hills and the plain of Bologna, and ends in the prestigious and spectacular amphitheatre of Piazza Ariostea in Ferrara.


Saturday, April 2 allows the last formalities of registration and start of the first stage at 10.00 for a distance of about 180 km through many ancient hill top  villages, and the Castle of Serravalle, Savigno, Sasso Marconi, with time for tastings of local food specialities; a lunch stop at the Institute S. Pertini  specialising in traditional local home cooking, routes through the parks of Albergati Palace, Villa Cacciari-Gamberini, a stop at the Ice cream Museum of the Carpigiani Company, where tasting special ice cream will be possible.
Arriving Late afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art Ca ‘la Ghironda in Zola Predosa, with dinner arranged  in the exhibition hall surrounded by the works of art.


Sunday, April 3, starting from yesterday’s finish point . the route follows a  distance of about 90 km, to Albergati Palace, onto the circuit to the vehicles approvals of the Ministry of Transport for some regulated timing tests designed to challenge the skills of the crews, a stop at the Museum Ferruccio Lamborghini , passing through the historical centre of Cento with further regularity timing tests on the private circuit test track of VM Engines manufacture, partially off roads, where the pitfalls of the fund may upset the results of the ranking; lunch stop at the farm of a nature reserve.
The event finishes around 14.00 PM arriving in Ferrara , passing in front of the famous medieval castle; competing cars will be displayed in Ariostea Square, with its oval ring, where the best Guelph and Ghibellines crews will play the final challenge, under the eyes of the audience sitting in the stands. Finally the award ceremony will be in the convention room of a local historic hotel.


All car’s built before 31.12.1996 are admitted provided they are road registered with a regular licence plate, insurance and comply with the technical rules of the road; for cars built between 1996 and 1986, the organization reserves the right not to accept certain types of cars at its discretion.


Registration is open until March 6, 2016, until it reaches 100 crews; from March 7 to 25 the registration fee is increased (see below) and eventually will enter into the waiting list. Anyone wishing to pay, along with the registration fee an extra contribution, (optional and completely anonymous) to support the charitable purpose of the event is welcome to do so. The funds raised will be donated to an organization in the area of ​​Emilia with activities aimed at children less fortunate.