The Challenge


The Challenge Guelfi Vs Ghibellines is the final act of the event where the Secchia Rapita Trophy will awarded to the winning team.


Secchia Rapita originale b-n

By registering, each participant chooses to “enlist” in either the team of the Guelph or the team of the Ghibellines. Based on the final individual classification calculated with the sum of penalty points without allowance for the car’s coefficients, the top 10 finishers in each team, will compete “One on One” on a single test of timing control, equal for all. The sum of penalty points accumulated by all ten members of the team will determine the final score winner. The team that accumulates the least number of penalties, will see their name engraved on the trophy that will remain guarded from the Club organizer of relevance (Bologna Autostoriche for Guelph and Modena Historica  for the Ghibellines). The magnificent 10 that contributed to the team’s success will be rewarded with individual awards in memory of their performance and teamwork.

See the Hall of Fame to meet the winners of the past editions and, perhaps, the next time could be YOU to write your name in the history.